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Palazzo Chuppi

Palazzo Chupi, located in the vibrant and historic West Village neighborhood of Greenwich Village in Manhattan, New York City, is a unique residential landmark. Designed by the acclaimed artist Julian Schnabel, the building is an artistic expression, merging modern living with the grandeur of a Venetian palazzo. The structure’s striking pink façade makes it an unmistakable feature in the New York City skyline, embodying a blend of artistic vision and architectural innovation.

The building’s history is as interesting as its design. It was constructed atop a former horse stable, which has been transformed into a multifunctional space. The lower four floors, previously the stable, now serve as Julian Schnabel’s personal studio. This area also includes a variety of amenities, such as a parking garage, art gallery spaces, and a luxurious swimming pool, offering a mix of creative and leisure spaces within the building.

Palazzo Chupi comprises five spacious and “palatial” condo units, each reflecting a unique blend of artistic flair and upscale living. These units are designed to offer residents a sense of exclusivity and privacy, a rare find in the bustling city. The interiors likely mirror the exterior’s boldness, with a focus on spacious layouts, high-quality materials, and perhaps, unique artistic elements personally introduced by Schnabel.

The building’s name, ‘Chupi’, carries a personal touch from Schnabel. It is inspired by the Spanish lollipop brand “Chupa Chups,” used affectionately as a nickname for his second wife, Olatz López Garmendia. This personal connection underscores the building’s identity as not just an architectural project, but also a reflection of Schnabel’s personal life and artistic journey.

In summary, Palazzo Chupi stands as a testament to Julian Schnabel’s vision, combining his artistic prowess with his architectural interests. It’s more than a residential building; it’s a piece of living art, a fusion of personal expression and luxury living in one of New York City’s most sought-after neighborhoods.