Palazzo Chupi

PalazzoChupi, 123 Artistic Avenue New York, NY 10014
United States
Project Type: Residential
Architect & Designer: PalazzoChupi

PalazzoChupi, a striking residential building located in New York City, stands as a remarkable testament to unique architectural design. Conceived and designed by Julian Schnabel, this building is a blend of modern living and artistic expression. Inspired by Venetian palaces, PalazzoChupi reimagines the traditional elements of Venetian architecture in the heart of the West Village. Its presence adds a touch of historical European grandeur to New York City’s urban landscape, making it a notable and distinctive feature in the area.

Design Philosophy

Palazzo Chupi was rooted in a desire to bring an artistic and historical depth to modern architecture. Drawing inspiration from the ornate and romantic styles of Venetian palazzos, Schnabel sought to create a space that transcends time and place. His approach was not only about building a structure but crafting a piece of living art. The design philosophy intertwines traditional aesthetics with contemporary sensibilities, encapsulating a personal and imaginative interpretation of architectural beauty.